April 6 – Product Changes, Compare to Last Year and More Added to MerchPilot

April 6 – Product Changes, Compare to Last Year and More Added to MerchPilot

Compare your Merch By Amazon data to the Same Time Period Last Year for

We’re really excited about this one. This is a super cool feature for those who have been selling on Merch By Amazon for over a year.

If you’ve been using MerchPilot you know your dashboards show a percentage change on all KPIs for the last period. For example, if your date filter is set to 1 month, your percentage change comparison period will be the previous month.


Now on both your Sales dashboard and any Product dashboard, you can switch to Comparing to the same time period last year! This is great to help understand year-over-year changes as well as normalize seasonal impacts in your data.



Product Change Activity

Throughout the life-cycle of your products, they go through many changes with the two most important being price changes and product name changes. Now MerchPilot can detect these changes and display them on the product dashboard.

Even cooler is that you can click on any change record and it will highlight where that took place on the trend chart! This helps you see if those changes created a surge in new sales or identify changes that may have had a negative impact.



Global Search to Quickly Find Products

In the top right of MerchPilot is a magnifying glass. Click it!


Type in a search term and press enter. MerchPilot will load your Products table and immediately show you all of your products that contain that term.


Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement on Monthly and Weekly trend chart grouping where it will always use a full months or weeks when displaying the chart.
  • Fixed issue with percentage decrease math.
  • Added clearer labeling to product dashboard sections to it’s clear which parts are using the date filter and which parts are ‘all time.’
  • New step in post-upload processing where we find all of your product changes for price and name.


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