Are You Reaching Your Merch By Amazon Potential?

Are You Reaching Your Merch By Amazon Potential?

Crushing It With Merch By Amazon

So are you? It’s really hard to tell sometimes when you just see 3 numbers that Amazon shows you. For some, their bank account is the scoreboard. I believe there’s room for improvement once you see how you stack up against others, but in order to do that we need data.

Data is out there, in random social media groups, posts and comment sections, but it’s rarely, if ever, aggregated to make meaningful benchmarks. I spent some time, the old fashioned way, and manually mined a recurring thread in a AmazonMerch sub over on reddit to get some benchmarks.

Note that all of this data represents weekly averages or benchmarks.


Percent of Slots Filled By Tier

The struggle is real. Too much opportunity and we can’t keep up. Except Tier 10, they’re doing fine!

With the changes in the Amazon search algorithm and the lack of visibility of Merch products on mobile hindering 2018 uploads, merchers are hitting a period of mass expiration of non-sellers in the last 90 days. Amazon has recently doubled upload limits across the board so you might find some of the more optimized sellers close the gap soon enough, but those of us who are doing our own designs, it’s quite a slog.

Merch By Amazon Percent of Slots Filled By Tear

The scary part is that will the recent search algorithm changes and mobile problems, this problem of filling slots is getting bigger overtime. I’ve looked at a number of tiers and the more recent data shows a decline in the percent of slots filled. See the trend line on this T1000 chart.

Merch By Amazon Percent of Slots Filled Trendline

Average Number of Sales Per Week

Obviously weekly sales are pretty volatile, but this data is collected from over 6 months of weekly reporting. Keep in mind, that Tiers are somewhat arbitrary in nature because as we saw previously, people are pretty far behind from filling all available slots. We’ll dig into some of that data later.

Merch By Amazon Average Number of Sales Per Week

Percent of Listed Designs Sold

This is the benchmark. I believe this is one of the more meaningful stats out there. The percent of your listed designs that have sold, is a tremendous indicator of future value of your designs. As we know, a design that sells will likely sell again, and some sell quite a bit.

It also represents diversity in your designs and niches as a high percentage means you’ve really got the buyer targeting figured out, from design to keyword optimization. That being said, you can have a wildly successful Merch By Amazon experience by selling periodic trending shirts, and that strategy will result in a below average score here, but if the bank account is the scoreboard, I can’t really argue.

How Many Uploads to Sell One Tee

I love naming benchmarks in a way that elicits some tremendous pain. This looks at your total listings uploaded and your current weekly sales and determines how many shirts you need to have live to sell one tshirt. What makes it even worse, is that with 90 day expiries, and reuploads, this is likely 2-3x as painful as this stat shows.

Merch By Amazon How Many Uploads to Sell One Tee

Data like this is what MerchPilot is all about. We want to show you where you stand, and be the leader in Merch By Amazon KPIs.

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