MerchPilot Trend Chart Metric change

Royalties & Avg Royalty Trend

Currently the sales dashboard and product dashboard just show a trend chart for units sold. Coming soon is an update to allow you switch from units sold to royalties or average royalty.

Merch Pilot Trend Charge Time Grouping

Time Period Grouping Change

Your daily trend charts can now be grouped in all new and smarter ways, with a handy drop-down allowing you to switch between weekly and monthly trend charting options.

MerchPilot Sync Sales Data Via Chrome Extension

Automatically Sync Sales

With our Chrome Extension, automatically sync sales from Merch By Amazon to MerchPilot. We'll automatically send sales and recent cancellations to ensure your MerchPilot data is up-to-date.

MerchPilot - Sync Merch by Amazon Products

Sync All Products

Sync all of your listed products to MerchPilot to get reminders of expiries, time to first sale stats, quick links to product edit pages and to enable features for publishing public and shareable product sites to friends, family and followers.

More Upcoming

  • Create public facing affiliate page with all your products for sharing with others.
  • Get notified of upcoming product expiries.
  • Launched! Get notified of a curated list of upcoming events worth designing products for.
  • Time to first sale metric for all products
  • Product sync via Chrome extension automatically updates your total products listed in order to show % of total products sold metrics.
  • Anonymously opt-in to Leaderboards showing how you stand relative to other MerchPilot users in weekly units sold, average royalty and more.
  • Launched! Tag all products with niches and create niche dashboards to identify which niches are most lucrative. Even tag a product with multiple niches. How are winter sports tshirts doing? How is a specific designer performing versus my other designer?
  • Launched! Keep track of product keyword changes and pricing changes to map them against your sales trends to identify impacts.
  • Chrome Extension bullet point helper speeds up your uploads by presenting bullet points and descriptions relevant to the niche you're uploading into.
  • Catify option will change all data on screen to have fake cat named t-shirts to hide private data when grabbing screenshots to share your success. This Distressed Unicorn Cat T-Shirt is trending!
  • Benchmarks show anonymous and aggregate data for MerchPilot users. What's the average price for Standard Tshirt? What's the average time to first sale? What's the average percentage of listed products that sell?