March 29 – New Features and Improvements To MerchPilot

March 29 – New Features and Improvements To MerchPilot

CSV Upload Performance Overhaul for Amazon Merch Sales Data

Thanks to a few of our Beta members who are just crushing it with Amazon Merch, we hit some rather sizable datasets that uncovered a few performance bottlenecks in our analytics data processing post upload. We’ve streamlined this to help with that initial upload of all your Merch By Amazon sales history.

Now, after your uploads are complete, you’ll see a pop-up that will give you progress on all of our number crunching, and you’ll get a confirmation once everything is ready to go.


Switch Trend Charts to Show Units Sold, Royalties or Average Royalties

In your main dashboard trend chart and individual product dashboards, you now have the ability to switch between Units Sold, Royalties and Average Royalties for your Merch by Amazon data.

MerchPilot - See Trends for Units Sold, Royalties and Average Royalties for your Merch By Amazon products


Group Trend Chart Data by Day, Month or Week

Another awesome update to your sales and product dashboard trend charts is a picker in the top right of the chart that lets you aggregate your Amazon Merch data by Day, Week and Month.

MerchPilot - Group Your Merch By Amazon Sales data by day or week or month


Product Table Speed Boost

Thanks again to our Beta folks for having thousands of Merch by Amazon products! This really helped us tune this product table. In your navigation there’s a link called Products which loads a super powerful table that’s dense with data about each product. This table is highly searchable and sortable to find exactly what you’re looking for. On large datasets it was S L O W, but now it’s blazing fast!

MerchPilot - Product Table Speed Boost to Quickly Analyze Merch By Amazon Products


Color Bar Percent Added to Mouse-Over Hint

In both your sales and product dashboard, there’s a nifty feature called the color bar that shows the relative weighting of colors sold across all your Amazon Merch products or for a single product. If you mouse-over any section, you’ll now see the % of units sold in that color in the pop-up hint. That’s right, I got the baby blue market on lock!

MerchPilot - Know Percentage Of Your Sales for Every Color of Merch By Amazon products


That’s all for now! We’ve got more coming soon.

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