Unique and Local Design Ideas for Merch By Amazon

Unique and Local Design Ideas for Merch By Amazon

Merch By Amazon Designable Events in the Flight Deck

We recently launched a brand new feature called the Flight Deck. It’s a curated 90 day outlook on upcoming events, with a slightly more unique and local flavor to inspire your Merch By Amazon designs. You’ll still find major holidays, but you’ll also find sporting events, niche events, music festivals, and more.

Find Design Inspiration for Merch By Amazon Using the Flight Deck on MerchPilot

The Flight Deck shows the next 90 days worth of events, from local heritage events to major sporting events and holidays, with a brief description, picture for inspiration and a link to more info to kick off your research.

A major aspect of Merch By Amazon is that people shop tshirts themed around events that are important in their lives. So many of the most popular events are ultra competitive to get your products ranked, so sometimes it’s wise, especially when you have LOTS of open slots, to diversify into smaller niche events. Maybe it’s the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, or maybe it’s the Chicago Gay Pride Parade. It doesn’t really matter if they’re attending the event, people often still buy products inspired by the event topic around that time, sometimes even after it.

Watch Your Trademarks

These are events which often have their own trademarks, so we’re just reminding you of important dates, but you should always do your research and don’t infringe on copyright, trademark or IP.

Here’s an example: lets say¬†Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is coming up — this is an Electronic Dance Music festival. Avoid using the festival name, but maybe create a shirt with an equalizer inside a heart image, with keywords targeting EDM festival goers. Use your imagination and skills for the designs, and the MerchPilot Flight Deck for inspiration.

Be sure to check the Flight Deck often as we’re always updating it with new and fun events.




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