Find Your Most Profitable Merch By Amazon Niches with Niche Analytics

Find Your Most Profitable Merch By Amazon Niches with Niche Analytics

Just Launched: Niche Analytics for Your Merch By Amazon Data

We just rolled out V1 of niche analytics for your Merch By Amazon sales data. This provides the ability to tag all of your products in one or many niches and get insight into profitability of all of your niche tshirts, hoodies and popsockets. This post will get into the mechanics of getting started, a look at some of my top niches and some tips on the most effective ways to think about niche tagging.

But First, a Brief Interlude on Why Niches are Important

Amazon is a massive marketplace and competition on the product categories offered by Merch By Amazon is steep. It’s tough to get noticed and really your only chance is to write effective product titles and keywords that target a certain person, interest, demographic — a Niche — that someone searches for and by some Amazon search algorithm miracle, your product appears. The more specific your niche is, the more you’ve ‘niched down’ and the more likely you are to get found.

Lets use the 2017 total solar eclipse as an example. This turned out to be a bonanza for people early on that niche. The early entrants didn’t have to ‘niche down’ too much, they basically just had to describe their product as Total Solar Eclipse Tshirt and they got found and sold. Then as competition picked up, people were niching down to state or even city level like Kansas City Missouri Totality Summer 2017 Solar Eclipse Shirt. Then came LGBTQ Wyoming Cat Lover Eclipse shirts — in a super crowded top level niche that is selling like crazy, it’s a valid strategy to get ridiculous. I was even able to sell a couple Eclipse Hater shirts, seriously.



Step 1: Tag Your Products with Niches

The product table will be your friend here. That’s the Products link in the left hand navigation.

Depending on how many products you have in a niche, you might want to change your # of records picker to 100 or even 500 if you have lots of products.

Use the search bar to type in a term that will return similar ‘niche’ shirts together.


search for products first

After the search returns results, review them briefly, and if they all can be tagged the same, use the select all checkbox at the top, then click the Tag Niches button.

Click Tag Niches Button

MerchPilot will prompt you to select or create tags. We provide a large list of preset tags for common niches. As you type you’ll see the list narrow down, just click on any relevant niche to select it.

master niches

You’re not limited to those niches, of course you can also create your own by typing your niche name then pressing your space bar. A niche tag must be:

  • a single word
  • no capital letters

So if you want a niche of Electric Cars, just type it as electriccars then press the space bar to create the tag.

A product can belong to many niches, such as in the screenshot below, i’m tagging Japanese Domestic Market niche as jdm and japanese.

create your own niches

Click Apply to add those niche tags to the selected products. You’ll see the niche tags appear under your product name on the product table the next time you refresh the page.

Show Untagged Filter

When you have many products, it can be tough finding products that have yet to be tagged with a niche. You can use the Show Untagged Only filter to help with this. Combine that filter with a search term and you’ll be flying through these. It’s also handy after you upload a new round of sales data to visit the product table and click this filter to see if there’s any new products that have come through in need of niche tagging.

Step 2: Let’s See Your Best Merch By Amazon Niches

Now that you’ve tagged all of your products, click the Niches option on the left hand navigation. MerchPilot will load some analysis in a table similar to the product table with all of your data rolled-up by niche.

See your most profitable niches

Similar to the product table, this one obeys date range filters, searches, column sorting and showing more records per page.

You’ll see:

  • Total number of products in the niche: remember, because we’re currently driven by sales data, we only know of products that have actually sold.
  • Sales: this a sum of all units sold in that niche
  • % of Sales: this is the percent of sales that a niche is involved in. Because you can tag a single product with multiple niches, don’t expect all these percentages to add up to 100%. Think of it like 9% of my sales have to do with Bachelor Parties.
  • % Change: for the given date range in place, this shows a percent increase or decrease in sales over the previous period for a given niche.
  • Total Royalty
  • Average Royalty: for all the products in that niche – like tshirts, hoodies, popsockets, this is a average royalty made per sale.
  • Unique Designs Sold: for the given date range selected, this is a count of how many unique products sold within that niche.
  • Sales per Product: looking at all the products you have listed and total sales, this metric can be an indicator of a niche that you should go broader in if the number is extremely high.
  • Type: this mini-pie chart shows you a quick breakdown by product type.
  • Color: I love the color bar. This shows the relative breakdown of popular colors sold within that niche.

Niche Dashboard Coming Soon

From your niches table you can click on a niche name to launch the niche dashboard with detailed analytics on a niche. We’re still working on this and will launch it shortly with trend charts and more.

Get Creative

Think outside the box with this powerful feature. Do you outsource designs to multiple designers? Tag their designs with their name so you can analyse their sales performance. Do large text based designs sell more than graphic tees? Do distressed effects sell more? You can answer these questions with creative tagging.

Also note that if you want to remove a tag from a product, find that product in the product table, click through the to the product dashboard and at the top you’ll see the niche tags assigned. Click the x to remove them.

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