Improved Handling of Returns

Improved Handling of Returns

Because sometimes your Merch By Amazon sales get returned

We just launched an update to MerchPilot that better displays and handles returns, as well as another bug fix that would sometimes prevent your dashboard from loading.

We don’t like returns in Merch By Amazon, but so many of the tshirt products run small, especially in platforms, that it’s inevitable.

Your main Sales Dashboard will show a secondary returns stat in your Sales and Total Royalty widgets.

Returns data shows in lighter grey font on the right of your widgets

You’ll also have a new Returns column in your Products and Niches tables. You can click on this column to sort and uncover your most returned products.

Most likely the issue is a sizing issue, but do investigate your designs to see if they’re flawed in some way, with wandering pixels or off center layout.

Products table now includes returns column — find products with the most returns.

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