Merch By Amazon Analytics

Powerful Analysis for Sales & Product Data

Analyse any date range, whether the last week, month or since you started on Merch -- the entire dashboard updates as you change your date period.

Merch by Amazon Analytics - KPI Style Widgets

KPI Style Widgets Crunch All The Data For You

Stay on top of your most important KPIs for any time period and monitor percent increases so you know how you're trending.

Merch By Amazon Analytics - Color Fit Type and Style Charts

Know What Colors & Styles Are Selling

Intuitive color, style and fit type charting allows you to quickly understand your product mix and what is selling over any time period.

Merch By Amazon - Trend Charting

Trend Charts For Any Time Period

Trend charts for the week, the month, quarter, year or all time, show your sales velocity over time and make it easy to spot seasonal affects and milestones.

Merch By Amazon Analytics - Best Seller, Top Gainers and 1st Time Sellers

What Designs Are Selling and What's On-The-Rise

Know what designs are selling, what portion of your total sales they represent, pinpoint Merch designs that are gaining or losing momentum and even celebrate 1st Time Sellers!

Easy to Use! Get Started in Seconds!

Create an account in seconds, upload all of your sales files at once and you're done! Do anything from desktop or mobile!

Login to MerchPilot Using Your Amazon Login

Login By Amazon

No need to create a new account and remember a password. Simply use our Login By Amazon feature to get started using any Amazon login. We don't store any or your credentials, Amazon handles it all!

Upload Multiple Files at Once to MerchPilot

Get Started Fast

Download all of your earnings reports and upload them all at once -- we'll take care of the rest. Once you're rolling, every day or week just upload your latest export from Merch.

Use MerchPilot on your Phone

Work From Any Device

Whether you're on your desktop, tablet or phone, MerchPilot works beautifully. Our mobile-first design ensures you can do everything from the palm of your hand, even uploading of sales files!

That's Not All - Check Out Our Roadmap

We have big plans for MerchPilot. Getting a handle on your sales and product analytics is just a start. Take a look at what's coming soon and where we want to take it on our roadmap page.