Software Is About People

We’ve been building web apps for years, most recently in the Senior Living and Hospital marketplace, and the one thing that transcends the millions of lines of code we’ve created is that software is about people. It’s about solving some sort of problem for people — in a way that saves them time, reduces tedium, improves accuracy, or provides peace-of-mind. As a software provider, you need to open yourself up to hearing and understanding the problems and translating that into an easy-to-use solution.

This is what we do.


Software is Our Passion

We care deeply about quality, performance, security and solving problems. We believe in ambitious and transparent roadmaps so customers can understand your vision and play a role in shaping it. We care about trust. We’re not here to steal t-shirt ideas. That doesn’t align with the basic tenets of being a trusted solution provider. We’re here to solve a problem, in a way that can be used by anybody at any level.

We built MerchPilot for you.


Merch By Amazon Is Broken

Unbelievably so. The opportunity itself is fantastic. The ability to reach an audience of billions for zero upfront cost is like no other, but the tools provided to sellers are fundamentally broken in a myriad of ways.

We intend to solve that.